Matt Powell Consultancy is a Marketing Agency that can support your business with its Marketing requirements allowing you to concentrate on the more important factors in your business.

We offer services ranging from Website Design, SEO management, and Social Media Marketing through Graphic Design, Print, Exhibition, and Trade Show management and design.

All of this allows Matt Powell Consultancy to help you from start to finish without the need to bring in other external sources.

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marketing agency

Utilising 15 years of business experience to help you develop the most effective direct marketing campaigns. 

We have helped a wide range of companies with different profiles and brands, however different, the fundamental rules of marketing remain the same. 

We have a strong understanding of the platforms to bring your business to the forefront in line with your key performance indicators and business objectives.

We help to create a detailed marketing plan, determine the marketing message, and identify the appropriate marketing mix to get the message out there. We will then follow the plan through, and work to execute and implement the marketing strategy, monitor results, tweak as necessary and ensure that the companies get the best results from their marketing efforts.

We work with your sales and business development departments to ensure that your brand is in line with any sales plans you have already developed. Offering a full understanding of companies KPI’s and budgets we can help you to bring your product to the forefront of your marketplace.

Social Media Management - including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn

Marketing / Sales / Business Development Plan writing

Brand Identity

Competitor Analysis

B2B Market Research

Website Development

SEO Management

Google Tools Management

International Markets understanding

Campaign Management

Presentation Management

Graphic Design Services

Exhibition and Trade show support - click here more info



Good SEO needs the perfect blend of technical on-site optimisation with strategic and targeted content marketing. Understanding search intent – and creating a strategy to deliver the right content to match that intent is key.


We concentrate on your business, what works for you and what the end-user is looking for.  Companies promise 1st place google results with no business experience or custom integration.  Our staff work with you to learn your business and how users will find you and build SEO to assist in making your business more prominent on search engine results.

We ensure that users can find your brand and your content matches their requirements, we work with your partners and suppliers to create a network of digital links to boost your portfolio and audience.

To ensure we supply the right service for your products there is background work that happens before any SEO this includes:


Audience identification

Performance Analysis

Content Analysis

Technical SEO Management


MPC can also support your content marketing to assist in the SEO process, please visit … for more information.

website design

Website development is a core part of your new business, it is the front to your business, more companies are now found using search engines or links and are impressed or not.. by your website.


Here at MPC, we support you to ensure your new website is on-brand with all your other marketing material, we will ensure that its contents are SEO compatible (that's how people search for you online)

We pride ourselves in design and stay away from the standard templates offered today by many companies.

We offer from the small business site to the full e-commerce site and customer order portals.


MPC also utilises Google My Business to ensure your exposure is maximised all part of the website development process, we concentrate on keywords of your business to ensure the content is gold.


One key factor in today's market is the ability for users to be able to view your website on a mobile device, not only it is important to look good, but Google uses this to push you up the rankings.


We will also manage your domain for you, leave it where it is or move it the choice is yours after all it's your domain name.

What Can we offer??

Customised Web Design

On Brand

Mobile Responsive

Standard or customised contact forms

SEO (Search engine Friendly)



Search Facility

Social Media on your website

Subscription services

Secure SSL Website

Full GDPR Compliant

Online shop (price breaks on store items)

Online booking system

User-Friendly allowing you to manage your site.

Full training

Events Management online

Connected to Google My Business

Full Google analytics

Integrated with your Paypal Business or Card Payments


website designs



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